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 The Three Strongholds of Kaigain - Demographics

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PostSubject: The Three Strongholds of Kaigain - Demographics   Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:49 pm

The Mountains of Kaigain hold three separate strongholds. Positioned an exact distance between each other, they provide a high level of protection to the inland areas of the Empire of Szadin.

Stronghold 1 - Kaigain

This is the most central, and largest, of the strongholds on the mountains. It is the original stronghold, around long before Keillar had become a stronghold itself. As there are no restrictions on magic, its main defences are magic, and they are very powerful. There are powerful mage warriors in this stronghold, and they have delegated control of the stronghold, the most powerful of these mages forming a control comittee. They, however, report to the Enforcer at Keillar, Mikael. This stronghold has a huge influence on the defence of the Empire of Szadin, working with all of the other strongholds, including Keillar, to create a protective area that is simply massive.

Stronghold 2 - Northwind

This is the highest of the three strongholds, standing at least 5,000 feet above sea level, with it's top floor at 5,150 feet. It is the stronghold built specifically for long ranged magic defence, and casts a watchful eye to the horizon. There are very few melee warriors here, simply because no enemy has ever got near it, due to it's lofty position. It houses mainly defensive mages, who all work together during battles to create large multi-mage spells designed to be used for large-scale defence.

Stronghold 3 - Armoury

This stronghold is the largest and most accessible of the three. Because it is so easily accessible, there is nobody of real authority, for their own protection. It houses many melee warriors, and is positioned as such that troops can be deployed quickly and in large number. It is the prime beneficiary of warriors from Keillar, and is where final, more advanced training takes place. All warriors here are at the Advanced or Elite level.


Thanks to Zavna for the set!
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The Three Strongholds of Kaigain - Demographics
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