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 Stronghold Planning Committee - Current Demographics and Population

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PostSubject: Stronghold Planning Committee - Current Demographics and Population   Thu Nov 27, 2008 6:08 pm

This is a detailed demographic of the Keillar Stronghold.

Military Wing:

Barracks - The entire west side of the Stronghold is dedicated to our illustirous Warrior Academy and barracks. The facility is capable of holding up to 5000 male and 5000 female trainee and full warriors at any one time. It covers a space of 6 miles north to south, by 2 miles east to west. It is currently undergoing a rearrangement of training rooms, making more space available for outdoor melee training.

The Watchers Facility: This facility is based to the north-east of the Stronghold, and is a very high security building. It is guarded by permitted defensive magics and a Watcher Mage. Its area is 500 yards squared, and its main building is ten storeys high.

The Enforcer's Facility: The same size as the Watchers Facility, but only three storeys high, and is based directly north. This facility is designed specifically to cater for the Keillar Enforcer's personal and tactical needs. It also is guarded with permitted defensive magics, but the Enforcer requests that no Watcher Mage be present. This is where strategic meetings are held, also for general committee meetings.

Civilian Wing:

The Three Estates

Keillar: This is the first civilian estate of the Keillar Stronghold, built on the site of the original village, where most of the original dwellings are kept inhabited by the eldest of our denziens. This estate has 2300 houses, the main courthouse and prison, several inns and a market square, where traders from all over the world come to sell their wares. This estate is loosely based in the centre of the Stronghold.

Leistar: This is the second estate built inside the Stronghold, built to handle an early increase in population. It has 2000 houses, and again, several inns. It is positioned to the east, stretching to the south-east of the Stronghold. It's general inhabitants are middle aged adults, and families with children.

Agenar: This is a relatively new estate, built originally as an extension to Leistar. It became it's own estate as it's identity grew and the generally younger inhabitants grew tired of being spoken about in the same tally as Leistar residents. It is the most independent of the estates, with it's own inns, a market and a small Magic Academy, which has only recently been approved by the Enforcer. It has 2000 houses, and is based to the south of the Stronghold.


Magic Academy: This is a small building in the Agenar Estate, which specifies in the training of permitted magics, as an extra curricular activity for trainee warriors. To be brought in line with the Decrees, only trainee warriors may train these skills, no civilian must apply for this, as they face a court marshall presided over by the Enforcer's chosen Watcher.

Current Population:

Trainee Warriors: 3288 Male, 2101 Female
Warriors: 1511 Male, 922 Female

Watchers Faclilty:
Watchers: 100 Male, 100 Female

Civillians by Estate:
Keillar: 2011 Male, 2011 Female
Leistar: 1922 Male, 2100 Female
Agenar: 1007 Male, 991 female

Total Population: 18,064
(Not including Enforcer and Enforcers Aides)


Thanks to Zavna for the set!
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Stronghold Planning Committee - Current Demographics and Population
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