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 Decrees of the Stronghold of Kaigain

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PostSubject: Decrees of the Stronghold of Kaigain   Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:35 am

There are decrees to follow in these Strongholds of the Empire of Szadin.

1: There is NO RESTRICTION on magic in the Strongholds. Unlike Keillar, Kaigain does not house civillians, and is solely for the defensive use of the Empire and the lands within it.

2: All Warriors must be of the Advanced or Elite level. Advanced Warriors are designated as soldiers, due to their higher number, while Elite Warriors are designated as Captains or Commanders

3: Absolutely no god-modding by any Warriors or Warrior Captains and Commanders. Throughout Sadhadur, this is seen as the ultimate crime a person in this world can commit. If it is found here, it will be reported by Necrosage to the necessary powers that be.

I will add more decrees when the need arises.


Thanks to Zavna for the set!
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Decrees of the Stronghold of Kaigain
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