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 Azralon - Zavna

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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Character Profile
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PostSubject: Azralon - Zavna   Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:03 am


Character Name: Azralon Draylia
Played By: Zavna
Dimension/Country: The Eastern Region
Race: Vampire
Age: Ancient/Unknown
Gender: Female
Personality: Azralon is a keeper of secrets. So many she has had in her life time, they would fill more than a library should they all be written down. She herself is secretive, never truly trusting anyone she comes into contact with. She is wise though, which could explain her lack of trust in beings. Mysterious, a bit of a loner, the ruler of the Eastern Region, when not doing her duties of ruling over everything and reporting to Szadek, Azralon can usually be found somewhere deep in the swamps, listening, ever watching, on constant alert, and completely in tuned with her region.
Class: Noble
Written Description: Azralon stands tall, probably around six feet. She has pure white eyes, even the irises and pupil are white, and long flowing hair that is a mixture of orange and red, a complete contrast to her skin tone which is pale. Her arms and legs are toned, yet graceful, flowing out of her body, making her movements fluid, elegant almost. When in the presence of Szadek himself she wears the clothes of a noble; however, in the privacy of her region, Azralon can usually be seen in simple, leather armor that sits snugly on her body. Her arms are usually bare however, nothing save for the tribal tattoos, strange runes that spell something out in an ancient language, that run the length of her forearms; though sometimes, on long cold nights, the Ruler wears a top that covers her arms. On her feet she usually wears a pair of simple, yet sturdy and dependable brown boots.

Character Bio/History: Azralon grew up in the old country; her parents were nobles, her father being the ruler of numerous lands. When she turned 250 though, they were both killed in a horrible way that she absolutely refuses to speak about. After they died Azralon decided she didn’t want to rule anything and took to wandering the world of Sadhadur, something she did for generations before finally settling down to rule the Eastern Region. The time, with which she was a wanderer, Azralon refuses to speak about.


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Azralon - Zavna
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