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PostSubject: Zavna   Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:06 pm

Name: Zavna or Mandy
What is your position among Sadhadur's Staff?: Global Moderator
How long have you been Role Playing?: Very close to eight years, but only seriously for about four.
What’s your favorite type of Role Play?: Definatley Modern and Traditional Fantasy, but I like almost everything.
How about a short description of you as a Role Player?: Erm... I can RP almost anything, from a simpering female, which I hate, to a strong warrior who kicks ass. Demons, angels, assassins, military, you name it. I don't really know what my style is though. I've never actually taken the time to stop and think about it... But! I... Hate... Sci-Fi Role Plays. I don't know why, I just can't stand them. Unless they are Star Wars, then I can tolerate them. o.O
What about you, as a person?: As a person? Oh, I'm a horrible person. *nods* Kidding... maybe... Anyway, I'm just me I guess. I love to write, love to read, and love to learn. I'm a great listener and can take true, honest criticism very well. Erm... I guess that's about it. Anything else just ask me.

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