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 Allies and Strategic Advantages

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PostSubject: Allies and Strategic Advantages   Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:27 am


The Kaigain Stronghold

This stronghold has been allied with Keillar for many years. It is where many of Keillars Warriors are stationed. It surrounds the Empire of Szadin on three sides, and is vital to the protection and defence of the Empire. It's lofty position in the mountains of Kaigan are of vital strategic importance, and as such are provided with only Advanced and Elite Warriors, the majority being Advanced, and their commanders and captains being Elite Warriors.

Strategic Advantages:

The Rot Woods

This green land is the largest section of land in the Szadin Empire and is of massive strategic importance to Keillar and Kaigain. It's thick foliage and giant trees make it a formidable opponent for any attackers. It is occupied by many races, using the rotten trees as homes, both high in the brances and inside the, and is used by hunter parties to hunt.
Trainee warriors are taken to this place to take part in practice hunts and duels. It gives the young trainees a real-world feel of battle situations.

More detail to follow...


Thanks to Zavna for the set!
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Allies and Strategic Advantages
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