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 Creatures of the Krishal Divide

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PostSubject: Creatures of the Krishal Divide   Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:41 pm

So few is this number among the vastness of the creatures still not known by the inhabitants of the Krishal Divide, but I didn't think going through and listing them all would be a good idea because I'd never been done. ^^ So I've listed some of the more commonly known creatures.


This creature is known as the Nagruen. They are docile by nature and no bigger than three inches long; they reside in shallow water. They feed on algae and small, tiny creatures within their ecosystem. Though they are docile, they are extremely poisonous and the females have a knack of swimming up the genitals of men relieving themselves in the water and lodging themselves within the scrotum by piercing the flesh with their needle like fins. These fins contain poison and once the poison is released the victim has only hours of mobility left until they become paralyzed. There is a cure made by the Calhanian tribe, but few brave traveling to the island of Calhane to retrieve it so end up dying. This is very positive for the female Nagruen, for she will then precede to lay her eggs within the flesh of the victim so that when they hatch they will have nourishment until they leave their rotting sanctuary and return to the water.

With teeth like steel and sharper than a sword the Acerian is very well known to strip a human carcass in seconds. In fact, their favorite food is human flesh though they mainly eat fish. They reside within the underwater caves of the Pyrate Isles. All beings are warned from swimming from one island to another, because even though the Acerian is practically blind, they have special sensory organs that let them feel vibration. These fish will attack whatever is making this vibration, taking it down with a pack of up to a hundred. It is also one of the few, nonpoisonous fishes.

This is a fish that lives within the depths of the Krishal Divide. It lives in darkness and can only see the heat signatures of the fishes around it. The little bobbly hanging from it’s head glows a neon purple, luring fish to it’s mouth. The bobbly also produces a chemical that keeps the fish it is luring in as a constant, relax state so that when the Borchial Fish decides to extinguish it’s little lure the fish has no chance of swimming away from it’s doom. Though the Borchial Fish has no poisonous quills, it’s flesh is deadly to any being that eats it. It’s skin is also see through so that, if caught and exposed to light, one may be able to see all it’s internal organs and such.

This fish is the Slothket. It’s move very slowly and likes to stay clear of anything bigger than itself. It’s a solitary fish and only comes together with another of it’s species every ten years to mate. The female lays two thousand eggs at a time and does not care for it’s young. The Slothket is found, mostly, nestled in the sands of shallow waters and it is often that a human will tread across it’s venomous quills. The venom does not kill the victim, but paralyzes it for an hour, plenty of time for the Slothket to flee the danger. Most of the time the victim dies from the drowning because it can not right itself out of the water. If the Slothket is skinned and striped of it’s quills it is very safe to eat. The quills of the Slothket are often used by Calhanian hunters, in their blow guns, to paralyze their prey.

There is really nothing special about this fish. It’s not poisonous, so it’s often used as a food source. It has no teeth and only eats the little Nagruen. Though it’s appearance is quite…Unappealing, it is sold to local markets to distribute to others for food, but because of it’s ugliness the locals have dubbed it the Ugly Fish.


One of the smallest, yet most ferocious, monster of the Krishal Divide is the Water Nome. However, this creature is also known as a Water Demon. Even though it is only two feet tall it reeks havoc on boaters and villages close to the water’s edge. They have a knack for stealing food and also for biting. These things are known to be so cruel that a pack of them will take a full grown man and eat him alive, though, you only have to worry about that when you have a large pack of them on your hands, bust mostly they live in a group of four or less. They have a dominate male and female that are the only ones allowed to reproduce. These things live in open water and are known to climb onto ships and make chaos of the ship’s deck. They’re like water gremlins.

This monster is so large that is has it’s own island, the Pyrate Island of Skhulls. This great beast was given the name of Siogone by the Calhanian tribe. This monster lives adjacent to the Calhaine tribe’s island, and every year, at the Winter and Summer Solstice, they give a human sacrifice to Siogone, to appease the gods of the Krishal Divide, for their legend tells that Siogone is one of the many offspring of the two of the three gods of the Krishal Divide, the Calhanians figure if they take care of the monstrous offspring the gods will favor them and give them a good harvest and planting season. Siogone lives on land instead of water despite his squidly appearance and he feasts upon humans and beasts a like, whatever he can get his tentacles on. It is not known if he is the only one of his kind.

The Krishal Eel is as big as a full grown anaconda and applies the same technique of grabbing it’s prey and constricting it until the prey suffocates. It will then proceed to bites out chunks of the flesh and swallow them whole. They are very dangerous, but thankfully they will not approach land and will not swim in water shallower than ten feet deep as a form of defensive maneuver. The Krishal Eel has the ability to dive deep to depths with pressures that would crush most who threaten it, but thanks to it collapsible skeleton, it is unharmed by the pressure.

Much like the mythical mermaid, the Sea Imp is a creature that lives in the sea known as the Krishal Divide. They have beautiful voices that can lure a any being to their death, for their voices affect a human’s mind causing them to see things that truly aren’t there. They grow no longer than three feet long with tails of fish that wave side to side instead of up and down like you would expect. They live in schools and hunt after octopi and small crabs and other animals of such. If threatened, the Sea Imp will bare it’s razor sharp, blade like teeth. All imps have red eyes and black hair; they have their own language which human beings can not understand. Imps are not particularly smart but more along the lines of curious and ferocious. They have not been known to attack unprovoked, but many have lost digits to this creature of the Krishal Divide.

The Orturitu is an amphibious creature capable of living in the sea and on the land. They were known to just be over sized pests, thus many simply call them the Sewer Rat. Even so, the Orturitu keep to themselves, most of the time, and are solitary creatures, only coming together twice a year to mate. They grow no bigger than a medium sized dog and have gills on their backs. They are scavengers, mostly, but can also hunt for themselves and any young they bare. They normally have two to five young in each litter. Orturitu are found mostly on the island of Calhaine, but can be spotted on the islands of Nague and Barbose every now and again.


{thx, chrissy}
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Creatures of the Krishal Divide
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