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 Decrees Of Keillar

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PostSubject: Decrees Of Keillar   Thu Nov 20, 2008 8:29 pm

I am well aware of the need for a strict set of rules in this stronghold. I have been informed by fellow warriors, that both trainees and regular village occupants grow restless at the lack of structure and rules.

So listen here, denziens of this fine city.

1: There will be a restriction on the use of magics in the stronghold. We did not get where we were as a defensive structure using magic spells. We used our collective might. There will be no use of agressive magic. What will be allowed are constructive magic, such as those used in communications, healing and construction. Necrosages are also permitted, as they fall under the communication banner.

2: I decree that there will be a designated force designed to deal with trouble makers. A police force if you will. They shall be called the Watchers, and will uphold all the laws of the stronghold and of the world, by force if necessary.

3: Absolutely no god-modding by any citizens, visitors or Watchers. Throughout Sadhadur, this is seen as the ultimate crime a person in this world can commit. If it is found here, it will be reported by Necrosage to the necessary powers that be.

4: In the event of an attack, regular citizens will be charged with the protection of all minors, with their sole duty to get them to the underground shelters built precisely for this reason. All warriors will be stationed at various points throughout the stronghold, each assigned different duties, playing to their strengths. I will lead the front line for any attack that we are to make.

5: There will be a curfew of regular citizens, who must ensure that they are indoors before darkness falls, with only warriors and Watchers allowed to partol the streets at night.

I will add more decrees when the need arises, but I hope this goes some way to allay our treasured citizens.


Thanks to Zavna for the set!
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Decrees Of Keillar
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