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 The conquest begins...

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PostSubject: The conquest begins...   Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:57 pm

He sat so still one would think him frozen, then the head moved just a fraction. No one dared to disturb him, not even his generals and commanders. Suddenly his voice echoed, deep and threatening, "Enter". A peasant stumbled through the door, his eyes wide. "What do you want?" the voice was now irritated, this worm dared not to kneel in his presence.
"Err, well, you see, I-I C-come-e t-to ask if you w-would s-stop attacking my t-town...ermm... uhh, p-please."
"Why would I do that?" the voice and now taken on a almost gentle tone, one that was filled with danger.
"Err, well, killing people isn't nice..."
"That so." The warlord slowly stood up, grasping Deathbringer casually, "That's a shame." he pointed the sword at him and channelled. The pure pain, searing the man's senses, his nerves seemed to be on fire. He screamed and writhed in agony,
"STOP PLEASE, I BEG YOU!" the warlords lips curled into a cruel smile.
"Worm, you come here to make demands of me, in my domain." the Warlord chuckled, the very sound harsh and uncaring, for the man still writhing in pain. Then he released. The man remained on the floor cowering, gasping for air.
"Now, I believe you came, to offer me your towns loyalty. Isn't that right?" the peasant whimpered and whispered,
"I can't do that..."
"FOOL!" the Warlord returned to his throne and sat down. Reaching a hand towards the man, an invisible force picking him up and hurling him out the door.
"He is yours, my minions! Fest! For tonight, we conquest!" this was followed my muffled screams as the man was ripped to pieces and devoured.
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PostSubject: Re: The conquest begins...   Sat Nov 29, 2008 1:54 am

His blue eyes rippled and flashed, the villages insolence was too much this time. His fists slammed into his throne, force was required. He sent his mind outwards, "Dread Knights! Gather and arm up, we go to slaughter!" there was a echoing roar of support when his message was received, the fortress erupted into activity as they prepared. By the time he was on his feet and out the door, they were gathered in the courtyard below him, mount and armed, ready for the kill. He rested his hands on the rail and spoke, "Dread Knights, kill for your master, destroy, leave nothing but corpses." he waved his hand and they formed into rough column and slowly trotted out the gates.

The animated bones of a long dead Wyven landed in the recently vacated courtyard. He decended the steps and climbed onto it, with a quick mental prod the Wyven launched into the air and began circling the column of his dread knights, watching, waiting, supervising and keeping moral high. As though these Knights were loyal to the death. he just had to make sure, he had had some desert him and so he watched.

One of the Captains carefully and respectfully asked if they could begin, a quick affirmative was all that they needed, as the column picked up speed and thundered into the scarcely prepared town, slaughtering. All the while the Warlord sat high in the air, his laugh echoing down, pleased. He took quick notes of any Dread knights that hesitated in killing innocents. He supplied no assistance, for this town, his knights required none.
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PostSubject: Re: The conquest begins...   Tue Dec 30, 2008 11:54 pm

The Dread knights soon finished, the looting was done and the village set to burn. But that wasn't the prize the warlord wanted, he drew Deathbringer and pointed it as a ghostly blood red aura rose from the blade, he swung it once and the corpses rose. And thus the beginning of his undead horse began. Mindless ghouls, eager to please. They are loyal to the death and beyond as the Warlord has taken their souls, souls which energy fuels his power more and they only exist as long as he wills them to be but as long as he wills it they are immortal. Till something or someone kills them. But their souls are the Warlords for eternity.

The ghouls ran randomly back to the keep, he had already issues each one instructions. If he was to conquest, he require a few things, weapons, armour, siege engines, potions, poisons, and more. The Conquest was only just beginning. Once he returned to his throne he summoned a huge map of the world, and marked the towns, hide out, pirate dens, guilds, cities, villages and specific locations of importance. Conquering all those would take far too long, he needed another option. Something that would kill everyone in the villages etc quickly so they could be raised as his servants. He smiled, a disease was what he needed, he couldn't make a disease that killed the fit and healthy but he could focus on the sick, injured, weak willed, young, old and mentally unstable. Once dead and raised as his ghouls, they could kill the fit and healthy and then he could raise those as his warriors. Horrifing creations of his will. He smiled. Time to get to work. He dispatched his Dread knights to locate the next closest village and bring him all the inhabitants, they would be his test subjects. He then made a list of the Dread Knights that he would promote and grant more power. He needed a power structure. His laugh echoed around the keep, his minions all laughed with him, they could feel his mood and figured he had some very good ideas, as always. The sound would send a shiver down anyone's neck within a mile.
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PostSubject: Re: The conquest begins...   

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The conquest begins...
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