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 The Warlord - Lord Cailu

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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PostSubject: The Warlord - Lord Cailu   Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:03 pm

Character Name: The Warlord
Played By: Lord Cailu
Dimension/Country: The Western Region
Race: Immortal (Used to be human)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Personality: Cruel, hostile, cold, aggressive, uncaring, ambitious, evil, sadistic, arrogant, ruthless and a whole lot more.
Class: Dread Knight (A combination of Magic, necromancy, skill and brutal force)
Character Sketch: The Warlord
Character Bio/History: Almost an age ago there was a Champion of pain, he tortured and killed for a living, he had a name but it has been forgotten. He was power hungry and ruthless beyond measure, he would kill, maim or worse to anyone that got in his way. He wanted ultimate power, the power to bring empires to their knees. He offered everything he was, mind body and soul, his legendary skills with the blade and more to a Demon king. In return the demon king granted him power, and one instruction, "You are now my Child, you were born to rule. Go forth, make yourself an empire!". There was a slight miss calculation, his power that he was promised, did not arrive for nearly 100 years and even then it started appearing slowly, growing and growing, like a tidal wave, fueling his ambition and drive. And thus the Warlord began to scheme.

One thousand years later, a year ago, in the Western Region, he appeared founding a cult of fanatic, completely loyal Dread Knights, teaching them what he knew, training them to be the start of his army, gifting them power, armour, weapons and promises of land and a vast slaughter. And so he his support grew and so did the fear, he now has his eyes on banding the Western kingdom together, by force if necessary, to start his global conquest. With the power of a demon king backing him, he need only be wary of the rulers of the other areas of the globe, he strikes fear into the heart of all but the bravest.

The plague of the warlord, spreads. He has his own races, made my mutating the other races, breeding them to hate, to kill and undieing and unwavering loyalty to no one but himself. He then built himself a fortress, by force of will, carved out of rock, his seat of power. Currently he only has his Dread knights and a few mutants but every day his force grows and he forces more to kneel before his icy glare and his black marble throne. His blade of power, pulsing black marks in a language so old the demon king was the only one that could or would teach them to him. The sword is two handed, but he wields it easily with one hand and is named, 'Deathbringer' and he is more than willing to unleash its fury upon anyone he pleases.


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The Warlord - Lord Cailu
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