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 Graphics Hall - Rules

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PostSubject: Graphics Hall - Rules   Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:18 pm

Welcome to the Hall of Graphics. If you need or want a Signature/Avatar/Banner/Mini Banner or any other graphic this is the place to come. All you need to do is start a thread requesting said graphic and it back to wait until someone replies to it, and even though this place shouldn't really need them, here are some rules I'm asking you to follow.

  • Above all else, follow the RULES of the Host site.
  • All pictures, reguardless of how big or small, are to be put into either link format, or hidden by a spoiler. This keeps the site running faster.
  • Do NOT spam this section with the same graphics requests over and over again. Put your request up one time, wait THREE days; if no one has replied to your thread, you may bump it one time. But only once every three days!
  • When requesting a grapic, please use the following format:

[b]Type[/b]: (Signature, avatar, or set.)
[b]Name to appear on Avatar[/b]: (On avatar, signature, or both.)
[b]Size[/b]: (See site's size limits or ask for custom.)
[b]Text[/b]: (To appear on your signature)
[b]Specifics[/b]: (Anything you really want, put it here.)
[b]image(s)[/b]: (Please place all images in spoiler tags.)

That's all for now. Have fun.


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Graphics Hall - Rules
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