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 The Eastern Region - Description

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PostSubject: The Eastern Region - Description   Sat Nov 15, 2008 4:18 am

The Eastern Region is a vast expanse of swamp lands peppered with gigantic, harsh sycamore trees with towering crowns and thick, wispy, grayish-green, clumps of moss, that look more ashen in their appearance, hanging from the tree’s sturdy branches. The vegetation of the swamp is thick, only providing minimal sunlight in when the light is the brightest, the rest of the time the swamp is cast in an eerie shadow, a dark under world of sorts, which is not under ground at all. In the very middle of the swamp, hidden by the thickness of the trees, the density of the vegetation, the telltale twinkle of reddish orange lights buried deep within the humid folds testify to the Black Markets presence; a veritable city of octagonal, heathen tabernacles, built on catwalks and pillars of ancient wood, that is to stubborn to decay, in levels that go from the miserly monster ridden swamp floor to the vermin-infested canopies, networked by unruly rope ladders and stairways concealed within the hulking sycamores; the massive trees have been hollowed out and augmented into edifices of various natures, concealing their true purpose to all who don’t know what they are there for, and in the very center of the Black Market sat the open area more commonly known as the “Slave Market.” The land, a soggy mixture of murky, brown mud, and dark putrid water, twists and turns in a sloshy mixture of high ground, reaching above the water, to low ground, areas of the land that are actually buried beneath the swamps form. Small rodents, nasty little vermin, scatter along not only the swamps floor, but the tree tops as well, constantly creating a problem in the rope work of the village’s system.

Beyond the swamp lands of the Eastern region, stretching quite far, more than a is a great plain of pure green grass with the occasional massive tree with twisting, winding, limbs that stretch and groan towards the sky. Also, a few huts are scattered here and there, though most of the plain is bare, simple grass and wild animals. In the distance, directly after the great plain of the Eastern Region the Kaigain Mountain range is clearly visible; the distinguished form that was beauty in its purest essence, the almost fortress like mountains off set the decaying visage of the Eastern Region.

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The Eastern Region - Description
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