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 Lord Cailu

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PostSubject: Lord Cailu   Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:49 am

Name: Lord Cailu
What is your position among Sadhadur's Staff?: Moderator
How long have you been Role Playing?: About 2 years, never can be to sure... never cared really ^_^
What’s your favourite type of Role Play?: Traditional and Modern Fantasy
How about a short description of you as a Role Player?: I like to play a range of characters, from the ones you love, to the ones you hate, to the ones that twist you around their little finger. I seem to always end up playing evil characters, but I am very capable at playing good ones too, this might be a shock to some of you who know me quite well.
What about you, as a person?: Wrong use of Capital letters make me tick, I don't mind little mistakes, spelling and grammar included, but I cannot stand text that look something like this....
Anthos Walked Into The Room And WOndered were Everyone Was and why He was All alonE.

I love a good bit of internet baking... cookie's, cake... stuff like that. This is a case where the thought really counts

Love copy paste!
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Lord Cailu
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