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 Moderator welcome and additional rules...

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PostSubject: Moderator welcome and additional rules...   Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:07 am

Welcome to the Western Region, the region of criminals, pirates, rogue mages, psychotic people and other such things. Before we get into it, here is the required info,

One of my other Aliases is Anthos, and originally came from a site called DarkFolly, see the affiliates section if you want a link.

Additional rules:

-Follow all site rules, at all times, no exceptions.
-Extra note, God moding will bring apon you the worst death you can imagine.
-Read all new 'Announcement' post that I or any other staff post.

That's all I can think off for now. I will add more over time, not knowing will not be an excuse. If you need anything, just ask, or PM me.
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Moderator welcome and additional rules...
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