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 Races of the Szadin Empire

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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PostSubject: Races of the Szadin Empire   Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:11 pm

The following is a list of the various different races that inhabit the Szadin Empire, and a description of each. Some of these have been taken from the Shadow Nexus.

Elves: Awright, everyone knows what an elf is...for those of you that don't (LMAO! Shame on you!), an elf is a very magically attuned creature, that mostly thrives off nature. There are both light and dark races of elf, and some different Species of elf. All species are different from RP to RP, but most remain the same or relatively similar, with the exception of a few special additions. The Species of elf and their descriptions are as follows;

  • Devkarin, or Death Bringer: Devkarin Elves are dark elves that study deeply in the arts of Necromancy, and Hunting. These elves hail from areas much like the Swamps of Alulaylaranti, as such places provide the frequent element of death, and the element of nature, which the Devkarin thrive on for their Hunts. Being researchers and practitioners of both arts, Devkarin Elves are some of the most versatile Elves known to exist, as they make skilled Warriors, Assassins, Spies, Archers, and pagans. Aside from these classes, the Devkarin make Godlike Hunters and Necromancers. This is the ruling race of the Szadin Empire.

  • Drow, or Dark Elves: Drow are elves that hail mainly from the underground, and caves...dark places, where they're eyes can learn to focus between light and dark with astonishing haste. These elves are not so entirely tuned to the magical side of things, and because of such, they make better warriors, thieves and assassins than anything else.

Centaurs: Half man, half beast, the Centaurs spend the majority of their time on the plain fleeing from Devkarin hunting parties. These creatures, despite their abnormal size, have incredible agility and speed. They're also very knowledgeable in such things as tactical studies, and magic. There have been varied reports of some Centaurs who have different lower bodies, thought most are half man, half horse. It is said that the Emperor, Breai, has a Nexus Scorpion Centaur in his keep as a mount.

Nexus Scorpion: Found in the rot farms around the Emperor's fortress, Nexus Scorpions are a rarity among creatures in the Szadin Empire. They are large creatures with a steel-like hide, that have large, javelin-esque stingers on their tails, and a massive pair of pincers on their foremost appendages. Though they are so rare, Emperor Breai has declared an open hunting season for his Devkarin hunters and huntresses due to the dangers that come with dealing with a Nexus Scorpion. To date, it is said that only the Emperor has ever bested a Nexus Scorpion, and even then, he keeps it in a pit, half dead, to deal with the least competent of his followers.

Vampires: Yes, the undead, unholy, blood sucking Nosferatu, also inhabit the Szadin Empire. Certainly the most deceiving of races, the Vampires are the personal messengers of Szadek, aside from the Necrosages. Though fewer in number compared to their brethren in the Shadow Nexus, the Vampires of New Szadin are a force to be reckoned with. They appear only when the personal servants of Emperor Breai cannot handle a situation to Szadek's liking.

Humans: Of course. What kind of world would it be without Man? As in real life, Humans are possibly one of the most versatile races in the realm, with their skills and abilities varying so much from individual to individual, as do their looks, intelligent levels, and social preferences.

Wurms: Yes, Wurms. Wurms are large, thick, scaly creatures. They come in a variety of sizes, but all are snake-like in appearance. These creatures are used as everything from bait, to transports, and mounts. They reside in colonies deep under the surface of the Szadin Empire, and surface only when summoned. Recently, there have been reports of wurms with steel-like heads breaking through the surfaces of various villages and wreaking havoc on the residents.


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Races of the Szadin Empire
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