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 Enters the Void

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PostSubject: Enters the Void   Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:21 pm

The quiet sound of soft shoes stepping lightly on the floor echoed through the room as a woman slowly entered through the door way. Her hair was a little longer than shoulder length, an ash grey in color. She was of normal height, probably about five seven or five eight with swirling grey eyes. Her skin was pale, a hint of the same ashy grey color as her hair running through her, and her body was slender, almost to the point of to thin. As she stepped into the room the dark grey cloak with black runes that were constantly glowing a faint grayish color, rustled noiselessly, a presence of dead air seemed to follow two feet around her body wherever she walked. “Hello? Am I in the right place?” She whispered hesitantly, her eyes going wide as she turned about the room, taking in everything she could see. Without pausing, or missing a beat, the woman pulled out a book and a strange feathered pen, and began writing down all that she saw. Once she was finished she looked up, a satisfied smile on her face. “I’m Zavna, is anyone here?

[Heylo peoples, thought it was 'bout time I posted one of these. xD]

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PostSubject: Re: Enters the Void   Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:42 pm

Welcome to the dark world we know as Sadhadur, I am your mod for the Introduction Thread aswell as part of your welcoming committe. I ask you abide by the rules set before you. You may read over the rules here . These rules go for not only my threads, but for the whole entire site. You break them, with me being an Enforcer aswell and sadly, I will not hesitate to report you to someone who can deal with you in the proper manner. Oh, and please keep cursing to a minimum in your introduction, I don't feel like having to read around an introduction that sounds like an Osbourne rerun.

Now that mean little bit is over with. This site is created around the idea of a whole different world. Each section from the Empire of Szadin to the Terindas are different parts of the world. Within each section is a thread describing the locations in each of these realms. We ask when you are making a character for these different realms you consult with this: Character Creation . You just fill in each section properly and do as the instructions tell you to do. Yes, more than one character is allowed.

Also, you may like to check out our Chat Box if you are feeling a little bit chatty, and our play list has a nice slection picked out for you by Joker himself. If you wish for a song to be added to our play list, please feel free to PMing Joker's Wild with your song suggestion to see if it will be approved or not.
If you have any questions feel free to ask me or any of that staff, we will be happy to help you. Enjoy your time in Sadhaur, oh, and make sure you don't let the darkness conquer you.

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PostSubject: Re: Enters the Void   Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:29 am

From the corner of the room, a shadow twitched in the dark, separating itself from the wall. That same shadow slid across the floor, standing upright and moving as if some sort of Pit Viper, towards the newcomer. Stopping mere feet from her, and appendage that had not existed moments before sprouted from the shadow's side, and reached to it's blank, erased face, where it tugged on it the surface of film-like skin. The skin slid down below the chin to reveal a surprisingly human-esque - in structure, anyways - face, which housed bright amethyst polls of endless depth in deep, sunken eye sockets surrounded by what appeared to be centuries worth of shade of restlessness. The eyelids that slowly blinked once and again where a deep, almost royal indigo in tint, as were the lips that formed the perfect smirk under the slightly crooked nose. A twitch came from the left side of the being's head as the last of the shadow-skin was shed from the Devkarin Emperor's pointed elven ears. The tint of the skin that now covered the Devkarin's head was similar to that which had covered it's eyelids, only slightly less dark. Those wicked, poisonous lips curled into a menacing smirk, and the voice that followed could have very easily melted the coldest of hearts...

"Why, hello there, Zavna...welcome to our slightly less than humble kingdom...you are now in the Empire of Szadin...my current area of reign. I am Emperor Breai Kravagh. I bid you a warm welcome...and a fair warning; Be wary of the shadows, for they carry things not of this dimension. As a welcome, please accept my personal invitation to the Fortress of Szadin. You can see it, if you leave this room and stand outside the doorway, facing the Kaigain Mountains. It will be the large structure on the ridge on the cliff-side. Tonight is a Hunting celebration, though, so I will not be able to personally make your acquaintance until I return in the morning. Until then, I will mention your name to my royal guard. There will be a room set up for your stay until my return. In the meantime, why don't you familiarize yourself with the surrounding areas?"

With his message passed to the newcomer, the shadow that had carried the visage of the Emperor melted away into the ground, disappearing in a wisp as the head vanished beneath the surface. Left behind, was a single piece of parchment on which had been affixed an invitation to the Fortress, and Breai's personal seal.


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PostSubject: Re: Enters the Void   

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Enters the Void
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