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 Social Structures of the Shadow Nexus

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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PostSubject: Social Structures of the Shadow Nexus   Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:07 pm

The following will be a list of the kinds of the different 'social structures' that make up the Shadow Nexus, and the descriptions of each:

-Teterogens: Teterogen are no more than the basic undead...zombies, with slightly varying degrees of intelligence, though most only go so far as to be able to comprehend basic speech, the use of a weapon and/or tool, and the more simple tasks of eat, kill, and chase. Teterogens do not speak, though some have been granted the power to do so by the Parun. These, he grants varying degrees of this ability, depending on the use he has in mind for the individuals. The most intelligent of the teterogens can only be found within the Karthro Dynasty, which is a large city that is entirely made into a structure. This is where Szadek himself, and his most trusted followers reside.

-Ghosts: Yes. As with all good and dead worlds, the Shadow Nexus has a collection of spirits that also inhabit the dimension. These are the spirits of those whose lives were cut short by Szadek's slaughter of the living before the upper worlds where created. The ghosts, probably the most unpredictable of all of the dimension's residents, range from Kill Thrillers - those that seek to make the living a permanent part of their ghastly community - to Resalkas - Those that float around aimlessly, with no sense of direction or purpose...these Resalkas' only memories are of the fact that they are, indeed, dead.

-Lost Souls: Lost Souls differ from the ghosts of the Shadow Nexus, in that they are nearly full beings, with the lack of a physical body. They feel, smell, taste, want, desire, hate, think, etc. The majority of these can be found in or near the Karthro Dynasty, as the most trusted of Szadek's minion come from this particular collection of beings.

-Shades: Shades are evil, vile spirits. Spirits of the damned and untouchable. These are the beings that make up the stealth side of Szadek's forces. Along with the Lurkers, the Shades are used purely for magical mayhem in the upper worlds...sent by Szadek to collect material, souls, or whatever else he so chooses. Their magical capabilities are all shadow-based. All Shades can merge with shadows. Most can bend these shadows and/or split them to become multiple foes. Some Shades can tap into the actual shadows and make them carry out their bidding, severing the shadow from it's host. The most advanced shades, can raise small armies of shadows that can physically attack. These Shades are also said to be able to absorb shadows and cast an array of shadow energy at their target, which will envelope the target and banish him to the dungeons of the Karthro Dynasty.

-Lurkers: Lurkers are the counterparts to Shades. They are basically a roiling mass of worm-like creatures than semi-melt into a single living substance that can bend it's structure to copy that of anything it's seen. For this reason, Lurkers make the best spies in possibly all of Sadhadur. Not only can they mimic the physical aspects of any being they see, but the more advanced Lurkers can also mimic the mind - knowledge, skills, abilities, etc....which makes them possibly one of the most formidable foes in the entire realm. Only a person who has exceptional skill in the art of deception can confuse these Lurkers to a point where they cannot mimic the being.

-Necrosages: Necrosages are the personal advisers to Szadek. In his time in his wrecked dimension, Szadek has learned that it is easiest to be the Lord of Secrets if even your own followers do not see you. For this reason, he has created the Necrosages. Necrosages are ghosts, who only appear to the followers of Szadek long enough to pass on orders, before disappearing back to the Parun's personal chambers. There are never more than five Necrosages at any one point in time. Two to stand sentry outside of Szadek's chambers, one to advise the Lord of Secrets, should he ever require such advice, one to sit on his throne, should any of his soldiers seek personal counsel with him, and one to appear before his followers and pass on his orders.

-Shadow Guard: The Shadow Guard is a collection of vampyric Elites , who patrol the inner-most regions of Szadek's fortress. They are never seen, never heard, and never detected. Those being unfortunate enough to have the courage to infiltrate Szadek's keep quickly find themselves becoming a member of either the Teterogens, or the Ghosts in the Shadow Nexus.

-Elites: And lastly, the Elites. The Elites are a group of living, dead, and undead beings within the Shadow Nexus, always...always kept in the Karthro Dynasty. These beings are the Parun's personal guard, and while they can venture freely in and out of the compound, they are forced to Szadek's side at a mere thought. Their abilities in the magical field vary, depending on the individual, as do their skills in physical combat. All of the Elites, however, are extremely well trained, and masters of his or her own field.


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Social Structures of the Shadow Nexus
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