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 Races of the Shadow Nexus

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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PostSubject: Races of the Shadow Nexus   Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:07 pm

The following is a list of the various different races that inhabit the Shadow Nexus, the underground dimension, and a description of each.

Elves: Awright, everyone knows what an elf is...for those of you that don't (LMAO! Shame on you!), an elf is a very magically attuned creature, that mostly thrives off nature. There are both light and dark races of elf, and some different Species of elf. All species are different from RP to RP, but most remain the same or relatively similar, with the exception of a few special additions. The Species of elf and their descriptions are as follows;
  • Life Churners, or the Ledev: The Ledev elves of the Shadow Nexus are the most pure in both soul, song, and magic. These elves are called 'Life Churners', because their 'song' can bring life to fallen beings. The Ledev song is more a mere thought that is constantly strung into the elves' soul. With this 'song', a Ledev elf can locate any other Ledev elf on the plain. Their main source of magic comes from nature, and life, and when the fighting starts, Ledev Elves are mainly used solely for medics, as they consist mostly of Oracles and White mages...with the exception of the few that learn the darker magics, who then make very effective arch-mages and pagans.
  • Holy Elves, or Light Elves: Elves of the Light, that delve into information and research. They, like the Ledev, practice mainly in the growth, and healing aspects of magic, which makes the Holy Elves some of the best candidates for Dryads, Priests, or medics.
  • Devkarin, or Death Bringer: Devkarin Elves are dark elves that study deeply in the arts of Necromancy, and Hunting. These elves hail from areas much like the Swamps of Alulaylaranti, as such places provide the frequent element of death, and the element of nature, which the Devkarin thrive on for their Hunts. Being researchers and practitioners of both arts, Devkarin Elves are some of the most versatile Elves known to exist, as they make skilled Warriors, Assassins, Spies, Archers, and pagans. Aside from these classes, the Devkarin make Godlike Hunters and Necromancers.
  • Drow, or Dark Elves: Drow are elves that hail mainly from the underground, and caves...dark places, where they're eyes can learn to focus between light and dark with astonishing haste. These elves are not so entirely tuned to the magical side of things, and because of such, they make better warriors, thieves and assassins than anything else.

Vampires: Yes, the undead, unholy, blood sucking Nosferatu. These are some of the more sly creatures in the Shadow Nexus. Certainly the most deceiving, the Vampires are what would be considered 'nobility' in the Shadow Nexus. These are the closest thing to the Parun as it comes, and as such, are the race that receives the most of Szadek's approval as a whole, and the one which he uses the most of within his ranks, feeling that they are the most noble, and trustworthy of allies.

Lycanthropes, or Werewolves: Just like any rabid, wild mongrel, Lycans thrive on the death that happens around the Shadow Nexus. Similar to the lycans of today's movies, etc., these werewolves are extremely allergic to pure silver, and have amazing senses and speed. The more mature and powerful lycans can change form at will, while the less experienced must wait until the full moon. Most lycans are very primitive, but there are those few that are fortunately blessed with intelligence.

Humans: Of course. What kind of world would it be without Man? As in real life, Humans are possibly one of the most versatile races in the realm, with their skills and abilities varying so much from individual to individual, as do their looks, intelligent levels, and social preferences.

Lurkers: Lurkers are basically a roiling mass of worm-like creatures that semi-melt into a single living substance that can bend it's structure to copy that of anything it's seen. For this reason, Lurkers make the best spies in possibly all of Sadhadur. Not only can they mimic the physical aspects of any being they see, but the more advanced Lurkers can also mimic the mind - knowledge, skills, abilities, etc....which makes them possibly one of the most formidable foes in the entire realm. Only a person who has exceptional skill in the art of deception can confuse these Lurkers to a point where they cannot mimic the being.

-[More to come, I'm in no hurry to get this done as there is a shitload of typing for me to do here, lmao]-


-[I am the Joker's Wild.]-
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Races of the Shadow Nexus
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