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 Savra Faie - Savvy

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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Character Profile
Name: Szadek Karthro
Race: Parun/Vampire

PostSubject: Savra Faie - Savvy   Mon Oct 27, 2008 9:06 pm

Name: Savra Faie
Gender: Female
Personality: Lovable as long as you don't piss her off, devious, and loves gory violence
Class: Ruler (To-be Queen to Szadek Karthro)
Written Description: Beautiful hair that even the ravens are jealous of, pale skin that would make even a fair maiden princess jealous. Her figure stands about 5'6 in height, still dwarfed by her king, Szadek. She prefers revealing clothing and the colors black and purple.
Character Sketch: http://fredy3d.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Queen-78217003
Character Bio/History: Savra was born on a vampire farm that raised humans for vampyric consumption. She grew up to be the most beautiful of her 6 sisters even though she never fixed her hair or wore eloquent dresses. She was feisty, always wrangling the human bulls when they escaped from their pens bare handed. Her father's farm was well known for being one of the best in the dynasty for he always did things old fashioned ways. Letting the humans rut and create naturally, to let them roam around in natural like environment. Yes, her family was very rich but also very sinister.

Inbreeding among her noble, farming family was not uncommon just to keep the land in the family, but Savra wished for something more. She was to marry her uncle, William, and take over a portion of the farm when her father past, of course this did not bode well. So when she left her uncle standing at the alter she was shipped into slavery and there remained for years and years. Either being sold out of fear from her owners or she owners would mysteriously 'disappear' and would show up later, naked, their manhood completely mutilated, if there at all, they would have bled to death. Thus, her owner's estate would be packed up and sold, including her.

Until one day Szadek found her and set her free. Of course it was on manly terms but she didn't mind. She used her charm and skill to work her way into Szadek's complete and utter favor. She may had not had him wound around her fingers like she had other men, but it was quite obvious she was his favorite among all of his other bed mates.


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Savra Faie - Savvy
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