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 The Karthro Dynasty - The Geography

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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PostSubject: The Karthro Dynasty - The Geography   Fri Oct 10, 2008 8:19 pm

The Karthro Dynasty is a vast fortress of magic. It is located in the center of the Shadow Nexus, and is the center of a large collection of smaller nobility establishments. From above, the Karthro Dynasty as a whole, looks like a honey comb, with the Nobles' homes surrounding the larger castle in which Szadek Karthro resides, connected by a series of hovering catwalks and platforms of magical cytoplast, a genetic creation of pure magic, which acts as it's own living organism. Within the Dynasty are various halls and catacombs, each leading to different rooms and barracks. Inside, in the center of it all, at the very top of the Dynasty, is Szadek's personal quarters, known only as the "Unreachable", a structure in it's very own realm, accessible only to those to whom Szadek has granted access. Very few beings have ever even heard of this level of the Dynasty, let alone seen the entry gates to it

The Unreachable - A structure in it's own, this is Szadek's own personal quarters. It is located within it's own 'realm' of Illusionary magic. It is not just Szadek's own magic that keeps this structure so secret, however...Kagore himself has concealed this inner-realm, as protection from any magical beings that may attempt to solve a rumor of it. In the case that such an event would occur...there is a single Necrosage that stands sentry, guarding the semi-existent entry gates to the Unreachable.

Karthrion - Karthrion is the settlement within the Dynasty. It is, in it's own rights, the Dynasty itself. It is everything that is not the Unreachable, but that is inside the gates of the fortress. Here, there are various workshops and markets...mostly for weaponry and poisons and hexes, as well as training grounds for Szadek's armies, slave markets, bars, and the like. There are a few homes, though living beings do not like to be so close to all the dead and undead inhabitants of the Karthro Dynasty.

Kagrie Marsh - Named after the God of Deception, Kagore, the Kagrie Marsh is a wetland, located to due West of Karthrion, consisting majorly of shallow waters, and muddy, wet ground with a rather impressive amount of living greenery. This is the chosen homestead for most living being around the Dynasty's vicinity...where they can be apart from the dead and undead inhabitants, but still be close enough to the Dynasty to come to Szadek's call when summoned.

-[More to come, this is a work in progress.]-


-[I am the Joker's Wild.]-
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The Karthro Dynasty - The Geography
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