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 Sadhadur and the Lands Within

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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PostSubject: Sadhadur and the Lands Within   Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:24 am

Sadhadur -

Sadhadur is the name of the world in which the story takes place. Within the world, are multiple lands, dynasties, empires, and dimensions, each with their own unique and intertwining backgrounds and histories; and each with it's own landscape, races, and social structures. The two main areas of interest at the moment are the Empire of Szadin, and the Shadow Nexus, though more will come once the whole thing gets kicked off. As a basic explanation, though, as to what this is, here is a diagram...if you laugh, you go to Hell.

Earth(World/Planet) > Ireland(Country) > Dublin(City) = Sadhadur(World) > Szadin Empire/Shadow Nexus(Country/Dimension) > New Szadin(City)


The Empire of Szadin -

The Szadin Empire was the most recent of established lands in the world of Sadhadur. This is what is known in the Shadow Nexus as the "Overworld". The ruler of the Szadin Empire is a Devkarin Elf, known as Breai. Breai is a survivor of Kagore's War, and one of the many that had decided to establish a new civilization in Sadhadur. Breai was a Devkarin Hunt Master when the war came. He had taken solace in knowing that he remained protected under Szadek's Reign. Even now, as his Empire grows great, Breai awaits the return of Szadek. After the countless years of Necromancy and Necro Hunting, Breai acquired a great knowledge of the ways of Necromana. Along with this knowledge, he attained the knowledge of how to create a blessing that would allow him semi-immortality, through turning himself into the living dead. He is no undead, zombie, or ghost, but purely alive and dead.

His reign is over a plain of undead farmland and processing plants. The entire plain looks of a dead rain forest...There are thick trees, all with rot and fungus growing from their thick trunks. Small ponds, and creeks, teeming with schools of undead predator fish.Large hunting grounds are marked off for the Emperor and his Royal Hunters. Large patches of poisonous mushrooms, and Zombie farms, where Teterogen priests spent days on end preparing a large harvest of undead soldiers. In the middle of it all, stood an enormous fortress, with dark, obsidian walls, and four large towers in each corner. Large steel doors stand sentry at the end of a long, obsidian bridge.

Within the center of the fortress was a large hall, which split into three separate halls. The hall to the left would take someone to the Living quarters of all whole resided within the Empire itself. The hall to the right would take someone to the Armory, where soldiers and mages can arm themselves pick up their mounts, from the Stables. Down the center hall, one would find the mages' research labs/libraries, the soldiers' briefing rooms, and other such facility-esque areas. At the end of the hall, is Breai's throne room. Large, fungus-covered pods stood in a semi-circle infront of the throne, where Szadek's Necrosages - Personal favorite creations of Emperor Breai, himself - could materialize, hand off instructions, and vanish again in a manner that proved both efficient, and sometimes entertaining, for Breai.


The Shadow Nexus -

Once a great dynasty, ruled by a fabled Royal Family, the Karthro, The Shadow Nexus is now nothing more than merely a desolate dimension of death, rot, and chaos. This is all thanks to the newest of rulers in the Dimension, Szadek Karthro. Szadek brought war to the once peaceful plane, sending the entirety of the inhabitants into warfare...not just against him and his 'demons', but against each other, as well, in a war to survive. As the war went on, the plane was turned to ruin, and the people finally started getting the upper hand on Szadek, after having teamed up against the smaller bulks of his forces. When this happened, Szadek called for help from the Heavens, to his god, Kagore, the god of deception. Kagore wiped out the entire plain, leaving the land in ruin, and leaving none but those that followed Szadek to remain.

Along with coming of Kagore, came the Shadow Nexus, a new dimension that took over the plain over which Szadek ruled. The plain was thrown into oblivion, existing only as a fairy tale to those that came to found a new land atop the barren wastes. Little did these new inhabitants know, that the Shadow Nexus did truly exist...ruled, still, by Szadek Karthro, with the aid of his newly formed army of undead and full dead. Little do they know, that the Karthro Dynasty, long thought just a story tale or myth, is now once again planning on reclaiming the overworld.

-[More to come, still a work in progress]-


-[I am the Joker's Wild.]-
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Sadhadur and the Lands Within
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