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 Social Structures of the Szadin Empire

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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PostSubject: Social Structures of the Szadin Empire   Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:21 pm

The following will be a list of the kinds of the different 'social structures' that make up the Szadin Empire, and the descriptions of each:

-Teterogens: Teterogens are no more than the basic undead...zombies, with slightly varying degrees of intelligence, though most only go so far as to be able to comprehend basic speech, the use of a weapon and/or tool, and the more simple tasks of eat, kill, and chase. Teterogens do not speak, though some have been granted the power to do so by the Vampyric Parun of the Shadow Nexus. These, he grants varying degrees of this ability, depending on the use Emperor Breai has in mind for the individuals. The most intelligent of the teterogens can only be found within the Karthro Dynasty, in the Shadow Nexus, which is a large city that is entirely made into a structure. This is where Szadek himself, and his Necrosages, reside.

In the Szadin Empire, Teterogens are used for a much more vast spectrum of jobs. Zombies run the majority of the Empire, through Breai's will, carrying out labors such as farming, participating in hunts as bait, and...there has even been reports of Breai using these higher intelligent zombies as crowd control.

-Wesps: Wesps are mushroom zombies; birthed through necromancy by Devkarin magics, from a rot-infested mushroom, and a twisted, dismembered undead's body. These creations are often granted the gift of flight from Breai, and used solely for keeping an eye on the outer reaches of his stronghold.

-Devkarin Raiders: Devkarin Hunters are just that...a group of Devkarin outcasts that raid the villages and civilizations surrounding the Fortress. Breai knows of these parties, but does little to stop them in their reign of terror in the Outlands. It is rumored in these lands, that Breai, himself, was once an Outcast...thrown out of his Royal Family and becoming the Parun leader of these horrible Raiders, before he was chosen by Szadek to be the Emperor of New Szadin.

-Devkarin Hunters: Devkarin Hunters are parties made up of the 'nobility' of the Empire's Fortress. These consist of on Devkarin Hunt Master...who would most often be the strongest Devkarin male in the Keep, two Devkarin Huntresses, and two Hunters. The majority of all Hunters' lives is spent hunting in the RotWoods, the largest wooded area within the New Szadin plain, which lies just several miles West of the Empire's Fortress.

-Necro Hunters: Necro Hunters are made up of those hunters who use Necromancy in their Hunts. The most famous Necro Hunter, is none other than the Emperor, himself, who once used a Nexus Scorpion Teterogen to bait a Rot Wurm, one of the deadliest and most difficult to catch creatures in the Szadin Empire.

-Devkarin Priestess: Devkarin Priestesses are the highest achievement a female Devkarin can make. It is the only one that allows freedom from everyone but the Emperor and his Queen. These are those Devkarin females that have mastered both; the Hunt, and Necromancy. These, the most trusted of the Emperor's inner-circle, are kept close to his chambers, where he can make hasty use of their necromancy, if the need be.

-Devkarin Matriarch: Breai's queen. It is known fact that Breai will not marry unless it is to a female Devkarin. It is said that she must be a Devkarin Priestess. It is said, also, that the choosing will be by way of power, loyalty, and of course, appearance and personality...something the Emperor holds at the highest values.

-Necrosages: Necrosages are the personal advisers to Szadek. In his time in his wrecked dimension, Szadek has learned that it is easiest to be the Lord of Secrets if even your own followers do not see you. For this reason, he has created the Necrosages. Necrosages are ghosts, who only appear to the followers of Szadek long enough to pass on orders, before disappearing back to the Parun's personal chambers. There are never more than five Necrosages at any one point in time. Two to stand sentry outside of Szadek's chambers, one to advise the Lord of Secrets, should he ever require such advice, one to sit on his throne, should any of his soldiers seek personal counsel with him, and one to appear before his followers and pass on his orders. These Necrosages are often used by both Szadek, and Breai, to communicate back and forth to each other.

-Emperor: And of course; The Emperor, himself...Breai Kravagh. Said to have been the only living being to have ever laid eyes on Szadek, himself, Breai was once a Prince of old Szadin, outcasted by his family when they learned of his meeting with the young Szadek Karthro. Becoming a Parun, like his Vampyric friend, he joined Szadek in the Battle of Kagore. Afterwards, Szadek granted Breai the Emperor position over the newly acclaimed New Szadin. Breai gladly accepted, and run a path of chaos and destruction on New Szadin as a threatening Devkarin Raider. As he worked his way through the ranks of the raiding party, Breai Gained power and control, with the help -of course- of Szadek. Breai now seated on a throne of bone in the new Fortress of the Szadin Empire.

-[More to come, still a work in progress]-


-[I am the Joker's Wild.]-
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Social Structures of the Szadin Empire
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