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 Emperor Breai Kravagh - Joker's Wild

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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Character Profile
Name: Szadek Karthro
Race: Parun/Vampire

PostSubject: Emperor Breai Kravagh - Joker's Wild   Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:25 pm

Character Name: Breai Kravagh
Played By: Joker's Wild
Dimension: Szadin Empire
Race: Devkarin Elf
Age: Unknown, Ancient
Gender: Male
Personality: Quick-witted, and sharp, Breai is always the first one to produce a plan of any sort. Usually, even the ones he simply spits out out of boredom are better than the ones even his most talented of tacticians can come up with. Towards others, he hardly ever sees fit to show respect, though around strangers, he will always watch his manners, to throw off a good first impression.
Class: Parun/Emperor
Written Description: Breai stands about six feet, give or take an inch. He has short brown hair, and looks very much like a human. He's lean, but his scrawny muscles pack much more than it would appear.
Character Sketch: Breai
Character Bio/History: Said to have been the only living being to have ever laid eyes on Szadek, himself, Breai was once a Prince of old Szadin, outcasted by his family when they learned of his meeting with the young Szadek Karthro. Becoming a Parun, like his Vampyric friend, he joined Szadek in the Battle of Kagore. Afterwards, Szadek granted Breai the Emperor position over the newly acclaimed New Szadin. Breai gladly accepted, and run a path of chaos and destruction on New Szadin as a threatening Devkarin Raider. As he worked his way through the ranks of the raiding party, Breai Gained power and control, with the help -of course- of Szadek. Breai now seated on a throne of bone in the new Fortress of the Szadin Empire.


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Emperor Breai Kravagh - Joker's Wild
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