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 The Magic Academy of Agenar - Statement

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PostSubject: The Magic Academy of Agenar - Statement   Sat Jan 17, 2009 7:18 pm

Stronghold Planning Committee statement on the Magic Academy

The current official stance on this Academy is as follows:

Quote :
Magic Academy: This is a small building in the Agenar Estate, which specifies in the training of permitted magics as an extra curricular activity for trainee warriors. To be brought in line with the Decrees, only trainee warriors may train these skills, no civilian must apply for this, as they face a court marshall presided over by the Enforcer's chosen Watcher.

A new order has come from the Enforcer stating the following:

The Keillar Enforcer wrote:
Following on from word from our long distance scouts, I have decided to legalise the training and usage of ALL FORMS OF MAGIC due to an impending threat. This will hopefully allow us to repel this distant threat, and will create a more rounded group of Warriors.

However, I must impress on all citizens of the importance of being responsible around magic. Citizens will be allowed to learn basic defensive spells, provided they can give just reason for putting their name forward.

I thank all citizens, trained or otherwise, for their understanding in this situation.


Thanks to Zavna for the set!
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The Magic Academy of Agenar - Statement
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