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 Betrayal within the Empire

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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PostSubject: Betrayal within the Empire   Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:26 pm

Sitting high atop the Kaigain Mountains, the emperor of Szadin, Breai Kravagh, tossed about the ideas that his head Priestess had given him in his head. The Devkarin Emperor smiled awkwardly for a second, but the smile quickly vanished as he stood from his throne of bone, resting his right hand on the left armrest as he turned to face the make-shift window sill that had been cut from the side of the fortress wall with a powerful blast of Necromana. Peering out of the sill, Breai spoke up...his voice almost frighteningly gentle, and smooth, with a deep, captivating tone. "Of course she would have tried that... I agree, that it is slightly painful to hear...but Mother was always the foolish type. To be completely honest with you, Shara, I'm not quite sure that I want to bring her back, either... He turned to his sister...the head Priestess of the Szadin Fortress. "She should have known better than to make an attempt to penetrate the defenses of the Unreachable. Lord Szadek and I worked for decades...with the help of the God, Kagore, himself...to mask the chambers..."

He turned again, and stepped away from the throne, pacing a small ring in the middle of his throne room. "Szadek will have to be told of this...if he hasn't already. While I get word to the Parun, I want you, Shara, to go and see if you cannot restore the image of the wall that hid the stairwell. Here, take this with you." He reached into a pouch on his left hip, and retrieved a small medallion. This, he handed to Shara. "Show that to the Sentry. He will grant you passage, knowing you bear an order from the Empire. It won't be easy to restore the magics that concealed the stairwell, Shara, but I have confidence that your are quite capable." He ended his order with a slight nod towards the door - an indication that he did not seek acknowledgment, but instead wished for his sister to hurry about her task - and then turned once more to head for the chambers of the Necrosages, through whom he would contact Szadek to give him the news of the attempt byt breai's own mother on the Parun's personal bed chambers.


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Betrayal within the Empire
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