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 The Rot Woods Characters

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Character Profile
Name: Mikael
Race: Human

PostSubject: The Rot Woods Characters   Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:22 am

Academy Master

Name: Dryzen Lorrde
Class: Warrior [Elite - Academy Master and Training Officer]
Race: Human
Personality: A dry witted, seasoned warrior, Dryzen has a way with words that is... blunt to say the least. Trainees trust him because of his seemingly nonchalant way of teaching, choosing morale over curriculum. He has one of the highest pass rates of training officers at the Warrior Academy.
Bio: A stalwart of his time, Dryzen is one of the most respected warriors around. He has fought in countless battles, killing thousands of men. There is a saying about the ruthlesness of the man it goes "Any man doth cross sword with thine legend Dryzen will wish the sword ne'er invented".
The man himself has humble beginnings. He was brought up on a farm north of the Rot Woods, and from a very young age was put to work on his fathers fields. An attack by a band of barbarians left his father mortally wounded and Dryzen himself craving revenge. He sought solace in Keillar, learning the ways of the warrior in the early stronghold, before the academy existed. On becoming a warrior, he went on a search for these barbarians. When he found them, what followed was not a battle, but a massacre. He had a reputation from then on as being a merciless and ruthless killer. Many years later, after many more battles, his reputation had much improved, as had his skills, and this was not unnoticed by the newly formed Academy, and he was recruited as a battle tutor. He performed this role for many years, teaching young trainees vital skills on their quests to become warriors themselves.
Recently Dryzen was called for an audience with Mikael, the Keillar Enforcer, and given the role of Academy Master. Dryzen accepted this role, but on the condition that he could still teach his skills to trainees. It was agreed that he could take students out on the Keillar Student Training course in the Rot Woods.


Name: Maxi Sezar
Age: 16
Class: Trainee Youth Warrior [Specialist Melee]
Race: Human
Info: Maxi is an excitable young man but is already highly adept at swordplay. He rushes headfirst into battle, thinking little of strategy with a swing first, think later attitude.


Name: Rosa Wicke
Age: 15
Class: Trainee Youth Warrior [Specialist Strategist and Range]
Race: Human
Info: Rosa is a very keen strategist, and is adept with ranged weaponry. She likes to plan out tactical approaches to battle, and one of her main strengths is the positioning of troops.


Name: Daive Koron
Age: 17
Class: Trainee Youth Warrior [Specialist Mage]
Race: Human
Info: Daive is one of a growing number of mage specialists in the Academy, he is an attendee of the Magic Academy in Agenar. He specialises in healing magics, but can also use offensive magics if necessary.


Thanks to Zavna for the set!
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The Rot Woods Characters
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