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 Cities, Towns, Fortresses, and Villages

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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PostSubject: Cities, Towns, Fortresses, and Villages   Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:02 am

The Empire of Szadin is basically a large fortress, in which stands the Empire Stronghold, which oversees all in Szadin Empire. The Fortress itself is a vast wall, placed in the corner of two joining mountainsides. Above the mainland area of the Fortress, and the city within...on a clear cut platform naturally housed in the the wall of the Kaigain Mountains, sets the Empire Stronghold - The home to Emperor Breai and the royal body.

The Empire Stronghold - Sitting atop the Kaigain Mountains, the Empire Stronghold is a fortress in itself, and well as it's small city. It consists of a large keep, which sets at the edge of the clearing, facing down on all of New Szadin, and a city that lies behind, surrounded by the Cytoplast walls that have arisen around the Keep as a defensive barrier. Within the Keep are two halls. One, which leads to personal chambers of the Necro Hunters and Devkarin Priestesses in Breai's command. The other hall leads directly to the Throne Room, where the Emperor sits on his throne of bone, surrounded by three pods, in which Szadek's Necrosages materialize when Szadek sends his word to Breai. Above the throne room, and only accessible by the Emperor himself, is his personal chambers, where he goes to spend time alone with one of his Priestesses, or just to think by himself.

New Szadin - New Szadin is the large village within the fortress below the mountain's ledge. It is inhabited mostly by Necromancers, and Teterogen that run their Rot Farms. Here, Rot Farming is a main event. Necromancers grow their undead laborers, and sell them to the Noble houses, which take up the outer circle of the town. These nobles use their new undead laborers in hunts, and for house servants. Rot Farms also grow plants and greenery, though it is very difficult to grow fresh anything. The Land is dull...wet, and sticky, and dead...Very much like a swampland mixed with a delta. Just past the outer Reaches of the Szadin, lays the Rot Woods, which lie just West of the Fortress.

In addition to the main Stronghold, the Fortress is also surrounded by three separate protective strongholds, which mount the Empire's defenses.

(The Following information has been provided by Mikael, and was taken directly from the specifics in his own thread, which can be located here.)

Stronghold 1 - Kaigain

This is the most central, and largest, of the strongholds on the mountains. It is the original stronghold, around long before Keillar had become a stronghold itself. As there are no restrictions on magic, its main defenses are magic, and they are very powerful. There are powerful mage warriors in this stronghold, and they have delegated control of the stronghold, the most powerful of these mages forming a control committee. They, however, report to the Enforcer at Keillar, Mikael. This stronghold has a huge influence on the defense of the Empire of Szadin, working with all of the other strongholds, including Keillar, to create a protective area that is simply massive.

Stronghold 2 - Northwind

This is the highest of the three strongholds, standing at least 5,000 feet above sea level, with it's top floor at 5,150 feet. It is the stronghold built specifically for long ranged magic defense, and casts a watchful eye to the horizon. There are very few melee warriors here, simply because no enemy has ever got near it, due to it's lofty position. It houses mainly defensive mages, who all work together during battles to create large multi-mage spells designed to be used for large-scale defense.

Stronghold 3 - Armoury

This stronghold is the largest and most accessible of the three. Because it is so easily accessible, there is nobody of real authority, for their own protection. It houses many melee warriors, and is positioned as such that troops can be deployed quickly and in large number. It is the prime beneficiary of warriors from Keillar, and is where final, more advanced training takes place. All warriors here are at the Advanced or Elite level.


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Cities, Towns, Fortresses, and Villages
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