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 The Story...

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Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild

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Name: Szadek Karthro
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PostSubject: The Story...   Fri Oct 10, 2008 1:17 am

The realm of Illusion...a sectarian of deception and secrets, ruled by the Vampyric Parun, Szadek Karthro, was once a great empire, that ruled over the vast expanses of most of Sadhadur. In recent times, however, the story of The Shadow Nexus has become little more than a myth, told to young children by their parents to keep them in line. As truth would have it, the Parun of the Shadow Nexus, was the cause of it's downfall. Early in the life of the realm, It was ruled by the Karthro family...a powerful family of vampire demigods. It was a beautiful place, bright, tranquil, and full of large, bustling cities and communities. When the Royal Family's Youngest son was granted heir to the throne, however, things started changing for the worst. The Parun - An heir of royal blood that is looked down upon by the host family - had no sooner gained his inheritance, and was already known to most throughout the realm as the 'Lord of Secrets'. As his heart and will darkened with the evil bile that was his tainted soul, so did the realm over which he ruled. Cities fell into chaos, their denizens turning on each other in hopes of being the last ones standing. Alliances, as they always are, were formed - and armies were raised, but the Parun, with the power granted to him by Kagore, the god of Deception, stilled them all...In a matter of weeks, Szadek had enough minions, who's hearts were as black as his own, to wipe clean the entire plain. In the following weeks, he did just that...aided in full by Kagore himself, until the only survivors remaining where himself, his god, and his minions.

Szadek and his minions then turned to their chaotic empire, and drove themselves into secrecy, the Parun calling upon Kagore once more to cast a never-ending veil over the landscape that made it appear as nothing more than a ruined wasteland. Over the next few millenia, what was once the beautiful world ruled by the Karthro family, had been reduced to the base structure of a large, underground plain, over which was built another two empires. The old land was henceforth called 'Old Szadin', after the ruler that drove it into the underground void that it was now. The second empire to go up was recently dubbed a sewage structure for an entire collection of continents.

As the myths explain, Old Szadin still stands in it's entirety, protected by the god, Kagore, and can only be found by those who are called to it by Szadek. Even if one has been there a million times, and then a million more times over, you can never find your way back on your own without the Parun's aid. It is said, that if the children of New Szadin misbehave, Szadek will find them, and enter their soul whilst they sleep. When they awaken, he will call them to the underground realm, where they will be forced to become one of his many mindless minions.


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The Story...
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